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If you are experiencing problems with OpenShift Online and are on a paid plan, please visit the Customer Portal and open a ticket. If you are on the free plan, please contact us via IRC if you notice a disruption to your ability to use the service.

Resolved Issues

OpenShift Upgrade Started

  • We are currently upgrading OpenShift with new features and fixes. During this time there may be short periods of time where developers are unable to create new applications (or interact with existing applications). This should not affect user applications or git pushes. We expect things to be back to normal Thursday April 24 at 01:00 EDT. Stop by #openshift on, watch this page, or follow us on twitter @openshift_ops for the latest information.
  • Openshift upgrade has been completed.

Node Rebot Started

  • We are rebooting the nodes at 23:00EDT. Please see #openshift on FreeNode for more information
  • The reboots have been completed

DNS Outage Started

  • We are currently experiencing higher than normal DNS creation failure rates. We are currently working to resolve the issue. Existing applications appear to be fine but new application creation may be failing. Please stop by #openshift on for live updates.
  • DNS Outage has Ended